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By Sally Foster and Peeve with photos by Chris Gore | November 1, 2007

After having drinks and lots of scritches from enthusiastic fans, Peeve and I were ushered into the next room, where Disney/Pixar had set up a gorgeous “Ratatouille”-themed dinner party for their guests, complete with… yes, you guessed it, ratatouille!

This French maid rocked it — she was all about having Peeve sit on her shoulder. She’s lucky Peeve didn’t try to dive down her cleavage, though, as that happens to be her’ favorite place to hang out (Peeve, not the maid). And yes, thank you, I got enough remarks about that during the party…

One whiff of this giant cheese carving of Remy, and all thoughts of mingling and photo opps go straight out the window…

… as Peeve struggles to get to the cheese. Fortunately, her harness was well-equipped for the job of cheese-evasion.

Peeve poses in the courtyard next to a Peeve-sized Eiffel Tower!

As far as I could tell, Peeve was turning out to be a big hit at the party… until, that is, a couple of people from Disney walked up and told us it was a health board violation to have a rat where food was being served. Apparently some people had complained (to their credit, the Disney people were totally polite about kicking us out). Still, I’m pretty sure that if I’d been some blond Hollywood socialite with a little teacup poodle in my bag, no one would have said a thing. Luckily, though, it was coming up on Peeve’s bedtime anyway and I think she’d had enough of the Hollywood scene for the night (haven’t we all?) Only one small wish was left unrequited… Peeve’s grand hope to meet Patton Oswalt: KFC patron, comic genius and the voice of Remy himself. So Peeve and I were on our way towards the door when suddenly…

…up runs Patton himself! Apparently, he was an avid Film Threat reader back in the day and even claimed Chris Gore was a “childhood hero” of his. We caught him just as we were on our way out.

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