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By Film Threat Staff | September 5, 2000

Some say “Ladies Love Cool J,” or “Lick your Lips Cool J”….as of late, you can definitely add “Movie Star Cool J” (though it doesn’t fit with the whole “L.L.” thing) to the ever-growing list. Rap mainstay L.L. Cool J has been making a name for himself in films since 1985’s “Krush Groove,” the riveting street dancing epic, but he’s turned up as a star in almost 20 features since, from the recent horror re-make “Halloween: H2O” to the football flick “Any Given Sunday” and the very wet “Deep Blue Sea”.
You can join L.L. in a [ Yahoo! chat ] this Tuesday, September 5th at 5PM PT/8PM ET, and see what his next project will be. Or just ask when he’s goin’ back to Cali.

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