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By Mark Bell | October 19, 2013

A man (Danny Mason) struggles out of a car wreck with a baby (Avery Harre) in his arms. As he walks down the road, a pick-up truck rounds the corner, chasing him down as two pursuers (Tom Neenan and Trevor Rychly) shoot at him with a shotgun. The man ducks into a building, full of the decaying bodies of what appear to be victims of some sort of plague, and tries to elude those hunting him and the baby. No words are said, just the tragic cat and mouse.

Chris Peck’s short film Little Wolf leaves much to the imagination, as little is explained or fleshed out beyond what you see, and thus your own interpretation of what it all means. It appears to be set around the 1930s or thereabouts, if the dress and vehicles are any indication. A sort of post-apocalyptic plague O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I can’t say with any certainty why what is happening is happening; no idea why these men want to catch and kill this guy and his baby. Despite this uncertainty of narrative, the film looks incredible and is put together well. It’s a professional affair from top to bottom, and the filmmaking shows some real chops. Even without specifics, you get caught up in what is going on, and the film has true emotional impact.

Reading up about the film after viewing it, it appears that this is supposed to be the beginning of a silent webseries, and if so, I can’t wait for the next installment. I’d really like to know what’s going on with everything, get more of a context and story beyond the visceral, or at least see how the filmmakers use that silence to get their ideas across in a more creative way. Simply, if this is experimental filmmaking of a certain sort, I’m down with the experiment and want to see more results.

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