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By Mark Bell | April 29, 2005

Around 3:30am, it all went to hell again when a GenCon employee arrived and informed us that he was going to finally get us out of the rain, and all we had to do was follow him with the line in the same order. Out of the rain!?! It was a miracle, they were finally going to open the convention center and let us in. Nope, not at all. Despite being right in front of a convention center door, the guy started leading us around the corner, back in the direction of the carport. And that’s where we saw it: the other lines marching in a similar fashion across the street towards the Hyatt. Seeing at least 500 people pass in front of me, I began to feel a rage inside. I was 20 people from the door, what were all these people doing ahead of me? I drowned my anger quickly; however, as I remembered that there were two lines. As long as that was just the fan club line, and we were the non-fan club line, it would be fine. They’d bring us inside, line us up in new designated areas, and it’d all be good. All we had to do was keep our line. Wrong again. We were lead across the street and merged with the fan club line. Just like that, I was about 400-500 people back from the front.

I kept telling myself that at least I was going to be warm. This was all going to work out. Maybe once inside, considering we still had hours upon hours to go, we’d be able to sort this out. I was friendly with most everyone around me, we knew who went where, we wouldn’t fight, and it’d be fine. As I marched with my new friends I watched the long line of fans ahead of me enter the Hyatt entrance and then make their way across the skywalk (yeah, I know) over the street and towards the convention doors, where a curious thing happened: they stopped. Watching, I noticed that we weren’t entering anymore, but fans continued to stream across the skywalk. Where were they coming from? Why weren’t we getting in? About a half hour went by before we got a hold of a volunteer with a bullhorn who informed us that he was trying to figure out what was going on, but no one from GenCon was responding. So we stood there.

The line continues in LINE-A-PALOOZA: EPISODE IV – A NEW LINE>>>

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