• This scenario sounds like someone on a fan board threw names together to goof on remakes and an exec from Hollywood decided to act upon it. Take a brilliant science fiction film like “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” put it through the Hollywood grinder, and you’ll get:
    “Brett Ratner is in negotiations to direct Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment’s remake of “The Incredible Shrinking Man.” Brian Grazer is producing the project, which has Eddie Murphy attached to star.

    An updated version of the best-selling novel and 1957 sci-fi classic starring Grant Williams, “Man” is taking the comedic approach to the fantastical material, telling the story of a famous Las Vegas magician who is put under a spell that causes him to shrink. He must find a way to reverse the spell before he gets so small that he “disappears.”
    Source: The Hollywood Reporter
    Doesn’t that sound like a barrel of laughs. I mean, Murphy did “Norbit,” so this has a good chance of being a riot.

  • I’ve always said that “Teen Witch” was a movie I could get behind being remade. I mean, have you seen it lately? It’s awful. Beyond awful. Watching white boys rap to a horrible rap song is just the epitome of terrible. But as expected, Disney has it, Ashley Tisdale (the hot blond from that musical about the high school) will star, and voila, an instant vehicle for a fading child star. I’m on the fence.
  • DC Universe vs. Mortal Kombat. Bwah? Batman vs. Liu Kang…? Superman vs. Sonja Blade…?
  • And finally, I beg George Lucas to stop whining like a bitch, and be the bigger man and suck it up:
    Entertainment Weekly: So Why Resurrect Indy after all these years?
    Lucas: “We’re doing it to have fun. We don’t need the money. We’re only going to get aggravation. The fans think it’s gonna be the Second Coming. And it’s not the Second Coming. They’ve already written the story [in their heads], and lemme tell ya, it’s not that story. So they’re going to be very disappointed. I went through this with Phantom Menace. Believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I know exactly the way they react …We’re not gonna have adoring fans sending us e-mails saying how much they loved the movie. We’re gonna have a bunch of angry people saying, ‘You’re a bunch of a******s, you should never have done this. You’ve ruined my life forever. I loved Indiana Jones so much and now it’s ruined.'”
    Spielberg: “Uh, he needs to speak for himself here. [Laughter all around] You need to put in parentheses, ‘George Lucas is totally speaking for himself.’ And I absolve myself of any connection with that last statement about fans not liking it.”
    Lucas: “All I’m saying is, I have been there, and I have walked through the valley of death on highly anticipated sequels.”

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  1. Josh Walsh says:

    Lucas is the exact thing that Peter Jackson should fear becoming: a bitch.

    It’s not the worst thing to make a mistake, but making it two and a half times and not learning from it and then bitching about it is just sad.

    If you don’t want to be critiqued, stay out of the studio.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    I meant to say Frank Darabont. Sorry.

  3. Nathaniel says:

    If George Lucas is truly worried about the reaction of fans, maybe he shouldn’t have told Frank Marshall that he didn’t like care for his screenplay. This man continually makes mistakes and doesn’t learn from them.

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