Holiday shopping is tough, especially when you’re incredibly loaded and you’ve got a few dinosaur buffs and film fanatics on your list. What to do? Why not hook them up with a life-size “Jurassic Park” cast, directly from [ Dinosaur Productions ] ?
For a mere $35,000, you too can be the proud owner of an actual Velociraptor. Just need a stocking stuffer? Try a $2,300 lil’ Compsognathus. All recreations are hand-painted and can be made to actually move and roar like a real dino…for an extra $70,000.
And for the philanthropist in all of us, it’s cool to know that a portion of all proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Jurassic Foundation — “a non-profit established by Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment, and Dinosaur Productions to encourage and support dinosaur research around the world.” For details on the casts, and the full story, check out the scoop at [ Raving Toy Maniac. ] And happy shopping!

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