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By David Finkelstein | January 8, 2004

“Lick” presents a murky narrative without words, which centers on a pretty blonde woman on a bus trip to Los Angeles. She seems to miss a bus connection, and sits on her suitcase and cries. Later, in her room, she lies down on the couch with a carton of milk and has a fantasy about her dark-haired alter ego, a woman who picks up an inexperienced young man in a pool hall and drags him into the ladies room where she licks his chest. The blond spills milk on herself as she fantasizes, and her cat licks it from her finger.

“Lick” has a techno score which sounds like it might accompany an ad for a sports car, and the video is tricked out with various MTV style visual effects and super fast cuts. Perhaps I would have found the video sexy if any of the images corresponded to my own sexual tastes, but they did not. Instead, I was left with cliché images, presented in a cliché visual style, cliché music, and no particular artistic point of view.

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