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By Zack Haddad | July 9, 2007

Are you a fan of the American version of “The Office”? What about Robin Williams’ stand-up? If yes, wouldn’t you think that people that are a part of “The Office” and Mork himself would make for an awesome movie? I wish I could tell you that this combination makes a great comedy film and resurrects Williams’ comic career, but if you have seen the trailers for this film, you have seen most of the funny moments and are not missing anything in this by-the-numbers rom/com.

Ben (John Krasinski) and Sadie (Mandy Moore) want to get married. The only problem is, they have to pass a test administered by Sadie’s kooky Reverend Frank (Robin Williams). Switch out Robert DeNiro for Popeye and you have a less funny version of “Meet the Parents” with too many religious and pedophilia jokes. Yes, typical priestly pedophilia. Williams has a young male sidekick, who is also a choir boy, and I know that poking fun at priests is the fashionable thing right now, but having this kid following Williams’ priest character around was just creepy. TOO creepy for a comedy.

I was biased to like this film since it has Krasinski in it, but more so I was excited to see that Ken Kwapis had directed it. For those who are not familiar with Kwapis, he is more mainstream known for directing films like “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” but he has also directed the indie film “Sexual Life,” which is a film I really enjoy. Plus, he has also directed some of the more memorable episodes of “The Office.” So you’d think, home run, right? He has this film, which has many cameos by actors from “The Office” and even stars Krasinski, who as Jim Halpert on the show is easily one of the funniest actors next to Steve Carrell and… cinematic dud.

The problem with Krasinski in this film is that he plays nearly the same character that he does on the show. I was just waiting for him to give that look he gives into the camera and that would have sealed the deal for me. On top of that, Mandy Moore is identical to every other fluff role she has played in a film and while I really didn’t expect much from her, I was hopeful for something. Anything. Then you have has-been Williams who spouts off lines from a lost comedy routine which, after films like “RV,” proves the man has lost all talent for comedy he previously possessed.

I know I sound like I hate this movie entirely but, to be honest, it isn’t the worst romantic comedy I have ever seen. Some moments are funny, and I’m convinced that Krasinski still has mad potential yet nothing can exorcise the demons of non-comedy from this failed endeavor. Seems like Kwapis and company should’ve gone before a “License to Film” committee first.

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