By Admin | May 4, 2007

“L’Iceberg” is a Belgian comedy with no laughs. The film focuses on a woman who manages a fast food eatery. One night while she is closing up the unit, she accidentally gets locked in a walk-in freezer. Her employees discover her in the morning, considerably frozen but still alive. Alas, neither her husband nor her children noticed she was absent.

The woman becomes obsessed with the cold, to the point of abandoning her comfortable suburban world for an adventure to the polar regions. Her goal: to see a real iceberg.

It might appear that something got terribly lost in translation, except that “L’Iceberg” has very little dialogue. In fact, the movie has long stretches where people say nothing and the only sounds heard are the click-clack of shoes and other annoying everyday noises. It is sort of like a Jacques Tati movie – except that it’s not funny.

Three people directed this movie: Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy. They also wrote the film and act in it (Gordon plays the chilly protagonist, while the men have supporting parts).

This one deserves to go back in the refrigerator – preferably to the very back of the refrigerator!

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