When last we spoke with Lexi Alexander, we were still reeling from her knockout short Johnny Flynton. A short that went on to gain an Oscar nomination. Now, Lexi is back with this feature film focusing on the underground world of football hooligans, starring Elijah Wood.

We recently spoke with Lexi about her new film.

What brought about the making of “Green Street Hooligans”? Are you kind of living out your dream of being a football hooligan?
I guess you could say I already lived the dream of being a Hooligan. I know this world quite well and always wanted to tell this story.

Do you think your Oscar nomination for Johnny Flynton made thing easier in ramping up production for “Hooligans” or did you just have to flex some kickboxing muscle?
Yes, it definitely made it easier. The producers who took on “Hooligans” told me that they didn’t respond to the script at first, but really loved my short film. Once we met and I explained them my vision, they gave me a greenlight.

How did you assemble your cast and what do you think drew them to your film?
Once the script was out to the agencies, I started taking meetings. The cast responded to the screenplay and to the opportunity to play unique three dimensional roles.

What format did you shoot in? Why?
I shot in Super 35, it was perfect to portray the gritty world of London’s football gangs.

What were some major problems that arose during the making of “Hooligans”? Any lessons learned?
So many lessons learned. What an experience. There were all kind of obstacles, weather, budget, locations etc. I learned to fight for my vision, because if you don’t, it will haunt you forever.

What would you like this film to do for its audience?
I want to introduce people to a world that really exists and hardly anybody knows about. The message of the film is to Stand Your Ground, but mostly to Stand By Your Mates!!

What’s up next for you?
I’ve written a new screenplay, which I want to do with the lead actor from my short film, Dash Mihok. I am also reading a few studio scripts, but so far they’re all crap.

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