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By Eric Campos | April 7, 2003

After serving 23 years in prison for shooting and killing a 17-year-old boy, Manuel Jordan is unexpectedly released and much to his reluctance. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself on the outside and he certainly doesn’t feel that he deserves release. Billy Bob Thornton plays Manuel and with long, stringy hair, he looks quite a bit like Bob from “Twin Peaks” – Billy Bob Bob.
Seized by remorse for what he has done, Manuel tries desperately to find some way to redeem himself. So he heads to the projects where Adele, the sister of the slain boy, resides with her teenage son who spends his free time running with gun-toting street hoods. Hmmm…wonder where this one is heading.
Not long after his arrival, a gruff preacher (Morgan Freeman) takes him underneath his wing and offers him a place to stay in the community house he runs for the needy. All Manuel has to do is help out with the work and the house…and play parking attendant for a nightclub that runs across the street. You see, the preacher has an interesting little hustle to pull people into his makeshift chapel so he can bend their ears for a little while. He offers the clubbers a safe parking space at his lot in return for fifteen minutes of their time. These clubbers get to hear the word of the Lord before they go shake their a***s and load up on drugs.
On his spare time, Manuel follows Adele (Holly Hunter) around, finally making her acquaintance, trying to do anything he can to make up for the grief he caused her 23 years ago, all the while keeping his past secret from her.
This isn’t the most unique film in the world, as you can see most of its events coming from a mile away, but it’s one of those feel-good heart warmers (not one of those mushy types) that you can’t deny liking. On top of that, the performances from the film’s three stars are all top-notch. Saying that, “Levity” is certainly worth your time if it ever comes your way.

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