By John Clapp | May 8, 2008

Dan Masucci’s four-minute short centers on a father, his nine-year-old son, and the latter’s security blanket. The son decides he is more than ready to give up the blanket. But while he is all set to cut ties – almost to the point of being comical – the father struggles mightily with the thought that his little boy is growing up. Several exchanges later – all of which aim for the heart, with varying degrees of success – and the father accepts the reality that his son is developing a healthy dose of independence.

This short was created as part of the audition process for Fox Television’s filmmaking reality show “On The Lot.” Masucci and his brother finished the film – from script to post-production – in a mere four days.

Considering the production time limitations, “Letting Go” is an impressive feat. The Hallmark Card-worthy soundtrack is hard to get past in spots – especially when its syncs perfectly with the father’s sometimes over-the-top reluctant or acceptant facial expressions. But some clever editing and a well-shot climax, combined with a brief but genuinely touching flashback sequence go, a long way toward nullifying the heavier sentimentality.

Masucci brings to the surface commonly felt but rarely acknowledged emotion, and “Letting Go” is a worthwhile investment of four minutes, delivering an unobscured and uplifting message.

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