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By Film Threat Staff | July 9, 2002

For the upcoming Silver Lake Film Festival in September, two dozen Los Angeles based artists, filmmakers, musicians and performers have agreed to create individual short films based on the letter, journal and diary writings of the past century’s most prolific independent thinkers. Unfortunately, the writings of Bozo the Clown were excluded from this exercise.

The resulting films will then be gathered together as the “Letters of the Underground” series to be screened during the Silver Lake Film Festival, which runs from September 12-21.

“The series brings to life the letters of artists, writers, and visionaries who paid the price for a liberal lifestyle we now enjoy,” said Joshua Triliegi, who started the SLFF archive department three years ago.

Artists to be included in the series are Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Jim Carroll, Franz Kafka and Jack Kerouac.

Check out the website for the Silver Lake Film Festival.

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