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By Admin | October 9, 2002

What were you like growing up? ^ I was very shy, quiet and in awe of my older sister. I knew growing up, that I would never get the attention from boys that she did. So, I would say that I have changed a lot since then. I buried myself in “Dr. Who” and science fiction/comic book conventions to get myself through high school. I would read at least a book or two every day during all my classes and lunch just to avoid having to interact with the immature and sometimes cruel idiots at my school. I did not go to my prom because I did not have a date. REALLY!
Did you always want to be an actress? ^ Actually, yes, I wanted to do horror films and be a companion on “Dr. Who!” I love still Linnea Quigley and Sigourney Weaver. Linnea always did sexy fun or horrific roles, and Sigourney as Ripley in “Aliens” was just my biggest role model.
How’d you get involved in showbiz? ^ I dressed up as superheroes at conventions.. (batgirl, catwoman, vampirella, elektra assassin), then moved into the modeling for artists and then was offered a small dancing part in a movie. I was on screen in “April’s Fool” for three seconds. It took 3 hours to film, I was paid $100, so at $33 a second for on screen time, I thought I had it pretty good! From there I did “Chickboxin’ Underground,” where originally I had two lines but ended up with a very big part.
What are the biggest misconceptions about you? ^ That I am normal. I am so far from that, I am a FAN! My interests are wide and varied, but definitely not typical. I do not like to go clubbing–I prefer web surfing. I love to read, exercise, watch the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). I love to cook, you will very rarely ever catch me in bars, I have written for Paintball magazines (even though I am not a very good player). My favorite authors are Laurell K. Hamilton, Bernard Cornwell and R.A. Salvatorre. My cat, Lakota, is currently the only man in my life.
Who inspires you as an actress? ^ Linnea Quigley, Sigourney Weaver, Tane McClure. I love watching Julie Strain be so tough and so sexy in movies.
What’s the best part of making B-movies? ^ The sets are more laid back, there is very little cut throat competition or back biting. I get to dabble in other areas of production, like helping with the lighting, suggesting dialogue or even co-producing. I ended up with a co-producer credit on one of my projects just by helping out on site and before production began.
What’s the downside? ^ The sets are usually pretty cheesy, craft service nonexistent, scripts may be weak or sketchy and everyone wants you for mindless T&A work.
What can you tell us about your latest project? It’s a sci-fi flick? ^ My last project was “Starship 2: Rendezvous at Ramses”. It was directed by Mark Racop and filmed in rural Indiana. This was a science fiction comedy and I had an amazing time working on it. We had in the cast John Astin, Richard Biggs and Jason Carter (both from Babylon 5). The shoot was so much fun. I got to play Commander Jane Wey, (and) do an English accent. There was NO nudity involved and I got to act. It is in still in postproduction as we are looking at close to 200 visual effects. The ships look awesome, thanks to Digital Fury.
Are you a sci-fi or horror movie fan yourself? ^ I love horror, I just have a hard time renting and watching it now that I am single. No one to keep me safe once the movie stops and it is dark and creepy. I watched “Rose Red”–which was not really THAT scary–clutching my cat for protection.
Who would you really like to work with? ^ Linnea, Tane McClure, Linda Blair. Actor wise Sean Connery, John Leguiziano and definitely Teddy Raimi!
Do you have any advice for aspiring actresses? ^ Take whatever parts you can get at first. Do theater. Try to avoid nudity if possible (if it is not your cup of tea). Meet industry people wherever you can–a lot of this business is networking and everyone knows everyone.
Has anyone been particularly jerky to you on a film set? ^ Sorry, not really. I had a co-star scream at me for blowing a line after she had blown 10 takes 3 minutes before. She just needed her lithium that day, that’s all.
What’s your ultimate goal in show business? ^ Mainstream success, being up on the big screen or appearing on Pay Per View, wrestling the women’s champion for her belt.
What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ Be nice to whomever you can, there are not enough polite and kind people today. Experiment with anything you want, just do not let it ruin or take over your life. Know that you are worthwhile.
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