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By Eric Campos | December 14, 2005

When the terminally ill are sent from the hospital to rot away at home, left for dead, it’s the families, especially the kids, that suffer, as is illustrated in this short film.

A family falls apart as they watch their husband / father slowly die from cancer in their own home. Mom does her best to keep everyone together, but her teenage son is constantly running away to the comfort of his friends and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Samantha, suffers from suicidal tendencies due to the whole ordeal. Samantha is the main focus of the film as we see a wide-eyed, innocent child, become obsessed with the desire to join her father in death.

This sad tale, based on real people, receives a boost from strong, realistic performances, keeping the film a few notches just above “After School Special” fare, which it definitely faced the danger of becoming at points.

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