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By Chris Parcellin | June 13, 2002

What were you like growing up? ^ Although I was born in Baltimore, I grew up from age 7 to 13 on a farm in Scotland. It was a really wonderful experience! When I was 13 my family moved to Augsburg, Germany, where I stayed through my high school years. I am an only child. So, moving around was extra difficult. Moving to new places made me really outgoing and able to adapt to new situations because I had to be that way to make any new friends! I was always a good student and I was a cheerleader and in student council and the drama club and all that stuff. Some of my friends in high school nicknamed me the “Stepford Child” (from the movie) and they would walk by me and go “I’m a very lucky girl!” I also never had a shortage of boys around!
How did you get involved in B-movies? ^ I actually was already a member of SAG and AFTRA before I even did any B movies. My agent in New York put me in contact with a few companies and it got started from there.
What’s it like being a starlet in the B-movie industry? ^ A starlet? Am I? Who knew?
I did. What’s the best part of making these movies? ^ Total freedom to ad lib and do whatever pops into your head. I actually am producing my own line of videos now for my site and that is a lot of fun. I like to create things.
What’s the downside? ^ Like anything, it is actually WORK and it isn’t quite as glamorous as people might imagine!
You’ve had some pretty sexy roles. What’s your take on doing those sorts of parts? ^ I am very comfortable with my sexuality so I love doing sexy roles! To be a model — or an actress, you have to be an exhibitionist: you have to draw attention to yourself, and you’re inclined to enjoy being watched. Some girls are shy, which boggles my mind-like “Why are you in this business if you’re not enjoying yourself?” ^ But me, I love being in front of a camera. Point a camera at me and I’m on. I’ll model for twelve hours straight even though I may not have slept for days. I love being naked, too. And I love being naked in front of a camera. It’s awesome! It makes me feel beautiful, it makes me feel desirable, and it makes me feel wonderful. If I could model in the nude every day, I would.
Do those low budget flicks pay much? Or is it more about getting exposure? ^ My budget really isn’t so low…Hmmm….
Who are your role models? ^ I was very influenced by Madonna in my early years. She is so passionate and upfront about her sexuality and who she is. She is a strong woman and makes no apologies. Also I think she is a tremendously talented and innovative person and an incredible businesswoman. I believe she has done a lot toward allowing women to feel powerful about expressing themselves sexually without feeling ashamed.
What are the biggest misconceptions about you? ^ A lot of people tell me that they expect me to be really stuck up — and a total diva. I’m actually pretty low-key…
Have you ever auditioned for someone and they pulled out the casting couch? ^ Not exactly like that but there is sexual tension sometimes… I have heard stories from girls about people I work with but I think they know better than to try that kind of stuff with me. (Smiles)
Any good stories about someone being jerky to you on the set? ^ When I was working on “Holy Man” in Miami, my then-boyfriend was coming down to visit me from Maryland. I asked if he could be an extra in a party scene with Nino Cerruti. See, my boyfriend was nervous about me being in this business even though I insisted, “It’s boring, not at all glamorous.” When we went to perform the big scene, Jeff Goldblum came up and asked me out. When I enlightened him that my boyfriend was standing next to me, Goldblum had him removed from the set. It sparked a big, nonstop argument with my boyfriend en route to the hotel. Around 2 or 3 AM, Goldblum rang my room, asking me-once again-to come to his place. That kindled a bigger argument with my boyfriend shouting, “This is my worst nightmare!” He was convinced that I’d sleep with Jeff Goldblum the minute that he left town. That, of course, didn’t happen.
What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done in a movie? ^ Well, my main forte is, of course, real girl-girl action. You can see this in any of the films I sell on my site. My first more adult features will be coming out soon. You can see me in Digital Playground’s upcoming DVD Play Right (it will be on Playboy TV) and also in Michael Ninn’s new DVD in his Divas series. Those are my strongest content to date.
What kinds of films do you like? ^ I am a total sucker for historical dramas.
What would people be surprised to learn about you? ^ That I used to be a competitive Scottish Highland dancer… that I went to law school… that I have terrible eyesight… that I speak fluent German… that I am incredibly ticklish… that love to cook and I eat more than anyone I know!
What’s your ultimate goal in show business? ^ My real goal is to be a TV hostess. As for film work, I’d like to develop a presence as an action icon-sort of a Sybil Danning of the new millennium. It may not be real acting, but I’ve lined-up some martial arts classes. It’s difficult for me to be trained as an actress, because I’m busy on the marketing end and there’s a perpetual stream of modeling jobs that I can’t resist
What have you learned from working in showbiz? ^ Never count on ANYTHING!
What’s your message for America’s youth? ^ Go after your dreams with passion and live life with no regrets!
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