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By Eric Campos | July 31, 2002

Monsters gotta make a living, too. When a tabloid newspaper reporter runs out of gas on a dark road in the middle of nowhere, he pulls into what looks like a deserted old gas station. A moment later, he finds that it’s not deserted at all, but inhabited by cloak wearing creatures who specialize in full service treatment. Once the gas has been pumped and the windows washed, the creatures want to be paid and the only thing they can nab from the guy that’s of value is the camera he’d been snapping pictures of them with. With a full tank, but sans camera, the guy drives down the road and calls his reporter buddy so that they can both go back down to the station armed with more cameras. And so they do and the same thing happens with a little twist.
This film’s kinda cute, despite the really shitty acting, with a payoff that keeps my impression of the film as being…cute. So, if you like you some cute, here you go, enjoy.

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