By Tom Meek | February 1, 2000

Park City, January 27th, the hot ticket wasn’t a big, star-studded Sundance premier, but a pink bracelet, admitting one to the notorious Lapdance party. Last year’s gyrating gal gala was a panty waving tease that scared the bejesus out of the conservative locals. This year, in anticipation of more scantily clad babes at Harry O’s club, testosterone-charged filmgoers, skiers and locals shelled out as much as 100 dollars to see some prime booty: but this year’s performers weren’t the ones out of control, it was the crowd. Before “South Park” creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone took the stage for a jam session, a spillover crowd at the near by Alamo Club erupted into a nasty brawl, a drug-tripping individual did a tap dance on a few cars and the impatient, prepaid crowd sick of waiting in the cold, turned raucous. Needless to say cops, firemen and ambulances teamed Main Street at midnight, turning the roadway into an ironically ripping red, white and blue flash show.
Up to that point, music from the Vinyls, a hip band from San Francisco, and techno-rave grooves filled Harry O’s, as shorts (films) were shown on teleprompters and sculpted dancers corroded away in clingy garb. Once order was restored, the dynamic duo played tunes from their hit TV comedy series – now a hit movie — and later members of Primus performed, but the real story of the eve was the chaos in the street and the sultry banshees. Part of the Lapdance festivities was the launch of a soft core porn (internet) site, featuring some (way) ex-Playmates and their buff male review. What a night! Stars and sexy sirens mixed up with an impromptu version of “American Gladiators.” Next year I’ll bring my green sequined G-string and brass knuckles.

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