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By Admin | June 9, 2005

Inspired by “La Jetee,” which also inspired “Twelve Monkeys,” this film is an homage to the original French short … but with a stuffed dog as its star. You don’t have to have seen “La Jetee” or “Twelve Monkeys” to understand this movie, though, as it has a charm all its own.

Timothy Greenberg, the man behind this film (and also the narrator with the bad French accent), obviously had a good time doing this project, and it shows in every frame. He had to know going into it, however, that it was possible it wouldn’t work and could come off as a bit corny. Luckily that doesn’t happen. The material is treated just seriously enough to make you care, but there are also plenty of moments to make you remember this is supposed to be fun.

If you have ten minutes and want to see an original film with a few good laughs, look no further than “La Puppe.” It’s the perfect film for a rainy October afternoon … or the dog days of summer.

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