The L.A. Film Critics Assocation (LAFCA) has been a friend and a public supporter of films of all shapes and sizes for 25 years. In fact, they’ve even beat the good ol’ Academy to the punch in naming the best of the year several times over (as with “Unforgiven”…Clint thanked LAFCA in his Oscar speech) and they’re infamous for championing “Brazil” as the best of 1985, which ensured that Universal would distribute the weird and wonderful Gilliam feature.
From September 22nd to the 24th, LAFCA will show 5 specially selected films of their choosing. “Pulp Fiction,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Bugsy,” Do The Right Thing” and “Dead Ringers” will all be screened as a part of the Anniversary festivities, and special guests including Elliot Gould and Quentin Tarantino are scheduled to attend and discuss their works. For a list of LAFCA’s past “Best of the Year” winners and more information, go to [ the LAFCA site. ]

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