From [ October 18th to the 22nd, 2000, ] the Kudzu Film Festival will plant its roots in booming Athens, GA. for another year of documentaries, animations, experimental shorts, narratives, student works, digital pieces…all manner of film will be on full display.
This year, 6 feature films and 23 outstanding shorts are in competition and vying for the lauded Kudzu Awards, which are handed out on October 22nd. Also on the agenda are a live performance/ sci-fi spoof entitled “Kudzula,” and a workshop on getting into the industry if you happen to live in the southeast U.S. — it is possible! Plus, cool Midnight Madness screenings of great cult films (Film Threat’s Chris Gore has played host in the past.) For more information on the final schedule, and tickets to Kudzu events, go to [ the Kudzu Film Festival website. ]

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