The Kudzu Film Festival will host shorts, features and multimedia for the second year running from [ October 8th through the 14th, 2001 ] . The EYEBALL Music Video Showcase is set to coincide with the Festival, and will run on [ October 13th, 2001 ] .
Two key locations play a part in the Kudzu madness: the University of Georgia will house competitive screenings, while The Historic Morton Theatre and The Georgia Theater will showcase special screenings. And the infamous, and wonderful, 40 Watt Club will again play host to the Green Lantern MusicShows as well as the 3rd Annual EYEBALL Music Video Showcase, which is making it’s first appearance during the Kudzu Film Festival.
The late deadline for entries for both events is [ August 3rd, 2001 ] . For all submission information, and a look at last year, visit the official Festival site

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