I’m willing to cut micro budget films a lot of slack. I’ll forgive some lousy acting, poor editing and simplistic special effects, but the story better make up for it. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. In fact, this short film’s only redeeming quality is the fact that director/writer Steve Rudzinski decided to take the offensive approach instead of the more PC direction other films may have gone. Normally that wouldn’t be a plus, but at least it took some guts.

The story, or lack thereof, involves a Jewish guy named Ben (Steve Rudzinski) and a black guy named DeShaun (Tim Rose) who decide to pit the KKK against neo Nazis so that they kill each other off leaving the world (or at least a very small section of the neighborhood) a safer place for minorities. Oh yeah, it bills itself as a comedy, but it is so starved for laughs that it barely qualifies.

Mix a bad story with truly horrible acting, nightmarish production values and special effects from a grade school book, and you get a film this bad. (How can you not get the blood to look right?) Now throw in an attempt to be offensive while making social commentary, and it just becomes sad. Like I said, Rudzinski has some guts, but that isn’t enough to make this a movie worth watching. If he had the skills to match his ideas, the film would be receiving more stars. Instead, this plays like a movie a bunch of high school kids made to show at the next party in an attempt to prove how cool they are. And as to be expected, it fails in every respect.

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