This one might be worth a look if only for the reason that it’s being toted as a graphic Korean sex and revenge murder mystery fantasy.
“Herapurple: Devil Goddess” kinda sounds like a “Ms. 45” from beyond the grave mixed with “Se7en” type thing.
There is the legend of the Goddess Hera, a scorned woman, who came back from the dead to take revenge on the men who violated her.
A series of bizarre murders are occurring throughout the city, each victim a young man, each found disemboweled.
Haerim, a middle aged woman, is having recurring nightmares. She seeks the help of a doctor, who puts her under hypnotherapy. Through hypnosis the doctor discovers that Haerim was raped as a young girl and is now seeking revenge by murdering those responsible through her dreams.
Meanwhile, a team of detectives investigates the murders, trying to decipher a secret code of words and numbers that have been etched into the victims’ bodies.
It is a race against time to find who or what the murderer is. Could Haerim be possessed by the vengeful, ruthless spirit of the Goddess Hera herself?

Could be fun…could be a complete mess. “Herapurple” will begin its exclusive Los Angeles engagement at the Fairfax Cinemas on Friday, September 27th. After that, “Herapurple” will be headed to DVD on October 15th.
For more information, check out the Fairfax Cinemas website.

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