By admin | March 2, 2003

Shot in black and white and with nary a word of dialogue spoken, we’re shown a young boy’s transformation from skinny twerp to yolked boxer who crumbles at his moment of victory.
Through a dreamlike sequence, we join two little brothers as they scurry about a carnival, enjoying themselves to the fullest until one of the brothers gets his ass kicked by a bigger kid. We’re then shown years later that this brother has bulked up and is trying his hand at boxing. We join him in the ring as he takes on an opponent, but just as he’s about to destroy the other fighter, he chokes at the thought of getting his ass whooped as a boy and in turn, gets his ass whooped again in the ring.
I dig the overall dreamlike quality of this short as one scene blends into the next. Excellent filmmaking with a visual flare that’s up there with the smoothest looking of major motion pictures.

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