By admin | February 13, 2002

It’s a fact – puppets talking about dirty grown up things is funny. In these two sketches, these puppets talk about penises, Satan and AIDS. Hey, that’s pretty funny.
This mini showcase features two sketches by the Puppethead Players. Each sketch is basically made up of a simple joke – set up, punchline, done.
Alright, there’s been funnier dirty puppet movies than this one, in fact, this one isn’t even that dirty and it really just serves as filler between a couple of films at the “Tromadance” festival. It’s fairly entertaining filler at that, but I think the best filler ever devised by man is the dancing Aquman between shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block of programming. Now, that’s something I could watch on an endless loop until I swallow my tongue. Puppets are cool, but Aquaman standing in front of a dumpster, shaking his a*s to some cheesy techno tune is high-class comedy. Anyone wanna be my friend, now? I make a great dutch oven and I can quote “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” better than anyone.

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