In only a short time in the B-movie biz, Kelli Summers is already starting to make a name for herself. A couple of years back, the honey-blonde actress set her sights on a career in low-budget horror flicks. Her hourglass figure came in handy when she did a videotaped audition for a filmmaker she met at a trade show in New Jersey,landing a part in his next project. Indeed, her dazzling good looks continued to help her, as she was quickly cast in Seduction Cinema productions like “Satan’s School For Lust,” and “The Erotic Time Machine.”

In “Satan’s School For Lust,” Summers had a sexy role as an investigative journalist, who tries to get to the bottom of the shady goings on at an all-girls school and ends up naked, bound and at the mercy of the sadistic head of the institution. (Hmmm, are there any openings on the faculty at this place?) Meanwhile, in “The Erotic Time Machine,” she played an ultra-h***y time traveller, who dug skipping around through history and having kinky adventures. Summers has used the indie flicks–and their inherently relaxed atmosphere, to work on her acting chops.

Of course, she’s had to endure some extremely icky, demeaning moments–like when a disgusting peeper wandered onto the set of one her films and managed to watch her and her co-stars do some sexy scenes through a set of binoculars.

Her disturbing love of taxidermists–and their foul craft–might well give one pause. But most people would no doubt love to watch Summers rip the entrails out of an animal and replace them with stuffing, as long as she did it in little or no clothes. She’s that kind of lady. And it is pretty much a given that her fans hope she never changes.

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