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By Doug Brunell | April 2, 2003

It’s good to see that a film can still use ethnic stereotypes in an offensive, humorous manner without coming across as propaganda for the Aryan Nation. Even David Duke, that Southern clown, will get a warm fuzzy feeling inside when Keisha (Julia Pace Mitchell) offers her boyfriend (Steven Dupin) an “Ebonics massage.” All kidding aside, “Keisha Vs. Geisha” uses stereotypes to its advantage as it shows that two racist women at odds with each other can still find some common ground and open a sushi waffle house together.
Keisha and Geisha (Roy Cruz) were actually separated at birth and find each other when Geisha, a waitress at the sushi joint Keisha frequents, notices that they have matching tattoos. Sisterly love soon turns to exploitation movie fighting (Keisha wields a gun like a gangsta and Geisha uses martial arts and a sword) when they realize that they share the same white boyfriend. Love and hatred know no racial bounds.
This isn’t a hilarious movie, but it is mildly amusing without having any truly genius comedic moments. Mitchell also establishes herself as an actress to keep an eye on. One can only wonder if this role will come back to bite her in the a*s, though.

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