By Mark Bell | November 4, 2008

They come along every so often, and I just don’t know what I’m supposed to make of them. Evelyn Lee’s “Kanizsa Hill” is an animated experimental film about a man who gets shot and the resulting damage causes the hospital to sever the head completely. The rest of the short involves a headless body in hospital garb wandering around collecting souvenirs while the severed head sits next to a talking tree. Oh, and there are little spinning Pac-Man looking circles that create Kanizsa triangles when animated. Indeed.

Visually, the film is brilliant. Lots of different animation styles, from line work to some interesting crayon sketches to that stop-motion looking live-action herky-jerk you see in music videos every once in a while. For that alone, it is worth your time to check out. If, however, you want me to tell you want it means… um, body without head is into acquiring things, head without body is into pondering things, body with head is into destroying things. Oh, and we see things that aren’t necessarily there in an attempt to make sense of our surroundings. The end?

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