Film noirs have been growing more popular over the years, so it was only a matter of time before we were graced with a truly great old school type of film noir, and that time is now. This particular one isn’t American, however. No, “Just Another Love Story” actually hails from Denmark and is one of the most original noir films I have seen since “Brick” a few years back.

Jonas has a loving wife and two kids. He starts to question his peaceful life, however, when he has a chance meeting with the mysterious Julia. After being mistaken for Julia’s boyfriend Sebastian by her parents, all Hell breaks loose.

Before I get into my criticisms, I want to talk about what made this film so damn unique. The story itself is entertaining and the images are so well-shot that it is hard to look away even for blink. That said, my issue with this film has to be the third act. Without giving away spoilers I will just say the movie gets silly when it comes to answering questions that were posed at the beginning of the movie.

Like I have said, I love film noirs. If you are like me, you will like this brilliant foreign take on a tried and true genre, so don’t let the title of this film fool you, because it is far from being just another love story.

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