There are two reasons why “Just A Little Harmless Sex” is worth seeing: Alison Eastwood. Clint’s daughter has the talent and the body to make it as a successful actress in Hollywood and this film really showcases both. Alison plays a distraught woman who discovers that her husband was caught getting a BJ from a prostitute. She kicks him out of the house and takes refuge with a few female friends. The guys are out bar-hopping for the evening trying to console their moronic pal who accepted the affections of the hooker. Both parties end up at the same bar and (wait for it) hilarity ensues.
What’s interesting about this film is that the dialog for the women was written by a female screenwriter and the dialog for the guys was written by a male screenwriter. It was refreshing to see the women speak as frankly about sex as the guys. Especially when the subject of female masturbation came up. I feel as if I actually learned a thing or two. Recommended.

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