By Michael Ferraro | January 11, 2006

If there is anything the invention of the internet has taught us, it’s that some people have the strangest fetishes. In this new short from director Hugo Perez, there is another to add to the pot – The Reagan Fetish. And yes, the Reagan in question is the late Ronald Reagan.

Julieta (Ana Asensio) is so passionate about the actor-turned-president-turned-former president, she asks her lovers to say infamous Reagan quotes during sex. An obvious turn-off for any male, she often resorts to masturbation while listening to the man himself on the television by means of recorded speeches playing through her VCR.

Finally she meets Ramon (Javier Machado) who is equally afflicted with an engrossment of his own – feet. The two don’t really hit it together that well but they each are willing to try and make their weird obsessions work with each other. This interesting dynamic is perfectly complimented by the actors’ take on their roles. They are careful not to overdue the silliness and they are humane enough to make this scenario work brilliantly which could also be attributed to the sharp writing skills of Perez and Andreas Wagner. Also helping them is how magnificently shot and tightly constructed the film is. “Julieta Y Ramon” is one of the most humorous and touching shorts I’ve seen in a while.

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