Sure to be the biggest commercial hit from this year’s Sundance Film Festival is “Love and Sex,” a simple, indie romantic comedy that breaks the rules with its brutally honest sense of humor. Starring statuesque Famke Janssen and hilarious Jon Favreau, the film is directed by Valerie Breiman who brings a much-needed freshness to the genre.
“Welcome to my sex life!” Valerie proclaimed as she introduced the film. The movie documents the sex life of a frustrated journalist played by Famke. She meets her one true love in Adam Levy played hysterically by Jon Favreau. The two have an onscreen chemistry that hasn’t been seen since Hanks and Ryan in “Sleepless in Seattle.” The Q&A session which followed the premiere had both actors admitting to being attracted to the project because of the script. Favreau used a lot of improvisation on the set and when he was supposed to fart in one scene as an example of the two learning to live together, he had a different idea. “I told Famke I was going to nudge her leg when I was supposed to have farted but I never did it. I just acted like she farted and turned the tables. I think it made for a funnier moment to have the woman fart.”

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