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By Admin | October 19, 2007

We at Film Threat have had some great times at the Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival, and this year is going to be no different. Starting off this Friday, October 19, 2007 with Damon Packard’s sci-fi trip “Spacedisco-One” and continuing through Sunday, wherein the filmmaker you love to hate, Uwe Boll, will be on-hand to unveil the director’s cut of his latest film “Postal,” Film Threat is excited to join those genre-loving fans for the weekend’s cinematic adventure at the fabulous Arclight Cinemas. Here’s the schedule for the festival, complete with links for easy ticket purchase:

Friday, October 19, 2007
Damon Packard’s latest sci-fi epic gets the big-screen treatment, enabling our lucky audience to see just what happens when descendants of characters seen in “Logan’s Run,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Blade Runner,” “1984” and “Krull” team up to track down some rogue “replicants” on the orbital platform “SpaceDisco-One,” an interstellar craft whose interior is largely represented by a rainbow-glowing skating rink.
Screening at midnight
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Saturday, October 20, 2007
“Cold Hard Cash”
Director Mike Pecci’s short film opens Saturday’s program, telling the tale of two beautiful girls put in the desperate situation of stealing a briefcase full of cash. Starring SuicideGirls Eliska and Odette, “Cold Hard Cash” will grab you by the throat and won’t let go until the end.
Screening at 9pm with “A*s Monster”
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“A*s Monster: The Making of a Horror Film”
Oh, what is there to say about “A*s Monster,” a feature film by director Bill Zebub that spoofs everything from B-movie, straight-to-horror-convention-table schlock cinema to the art of filmmaking itself? Hmmm, how about that there’s insane amounts of nudity, an A*s Monster (of sorts) and enough in-jokes to keep the film geeks AND horror geeks happy in this “American Movie” meets “Metalocalypse” meets… an a*s.
Screening at 9pm
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“Babysitter Wanted”
They just don’t make horror movies like this anymore, and that’s too bad. Gorgeous cinematography and the type of careful plotting, pacing and on-point elements reminiscent of such classic films as “Halloween” and “The Exorcist,” “Babysitter Wanted” is the film to watch if you want that good old-fashioned horror film experience. Babysitting… it’s amazing anyone would do that job anymore…
Screening at 11:15pm
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Sunday, October 21, 2007
“Postal”: Uncensored, Director’s Cut
This Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival selection was so popular it was chosen to not just close out the genre side, but the overall 2007 Hollywood Film Festival as well. This is the extended, uncensored, see-it-here-or-possibly-never-see-it cut of the film that just may make people sit up and say “Uwe Boll isn’t that bad afterall.” Or maybe you’ll hate it. The mighty Uwe Boll will be joined by a few of the film’s cast for a post-screening Q&A. Love it, hate it, let Uwe know in person!
Screening at 7pm
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“Night of the Hell Hamsters”
When will people learn that nothing good ever comes from Ouija boards!?! A night of playful Ouija occult fun turns into a blood-soaked end of the world in this short film from director Paul Campion.
Screening at 9pm with “End of the Line”
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“End of the Line”
“End of the Line” is director Maurice Devereaux’s cinematic treat about what could happen if a religious cult decided that the Apocalypse was upon us, and that the only way to save everyone from Hell on Earth is to kill them immediately. And what if that cult was right? Scares, kooks and blood, “End of the Line” delivers an Armageddon tale that is not to be missed.
Screening at 9pm
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“The Caress of the Creature”
Stewart McAlpine’s short film is kicking a*s and taking names from festivals everywhere, and rightfully so. Asking the important question “What is lurking in the waters of Lake Habbagappee… and is it gay,” “The Caress of the Creature” is a hilarious homage to classic ’50s B-movies about a town under assault by an underwater tickle-monster.
Screening at 11:15pm with “Mercy”
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The 2007 program ends with “Mercy,” a haunting, suspenseful horror film about a recently released convict named John. After 25 years in jail for a violent crime, John’s slow acclimation to normalcy is hindered by the harshness of humanity and a penchant for increasingly disturbing hallucinations and nightmares.
Screening at 11:15pm
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Film Threat will be on-hand for all screenings, and I personally will introduce the films and, when applicable, get the Q&A’s rolling as well. Since this means Film Threat’ll be glued to the Arclight for the weekend (is that so bad?), make sure you come up and say “hello.”

We can’t stress enough how great this year’s program is, so make sure you DO NOT MISS A FILM! If you like genre films at their down and dirtiest, head out to the 2007 Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival!

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