This is only news when you consider that you’ve all been put on notice that the weakest of all Pixar films, “Cars,” is getting a sequel. I’d be more impressed with this information if Lasseter didn’t also co-direct the original lackluster film. In my book, Lasseter’s involvement is not a vote of confidence in the sequel…

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John Lasseter Now Officially Co-Directing Cars 2

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  1. Cars was weak for several reasons: the plot was stolen wholesale from the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood, it referenced NASCAR culture which the rest of the world, quite properly, doesn’t give a damn about; its characters and romance were horrid. (Misusing George Carlin as the voice of a “hippie bus” is perhaps the worst casting choice ever made by Pixar.)

    So why is there a sequel? Merchandising. There’s still lots of Lightning McQueen stuff sold at Disney’s parks. Toy cars are a favorite of boys; remember that Disney Princess merchandise is burnt out for the moment, so they’re trying to get the other gender.

    Cars had a few virtues; consider the challenge of depicting emotion through characters without mobile faces or hands. And its depiction of the American Southwest circa 1955 was pretty and breathtaking. But, first of all, you need a story. And does anyone want to revisit this particular universe again?

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