By admin | April 15, 2007

This film could have definitely benefitted from a longer run time, and it feels like the writer/director knew it, too, as this is a complicated story that is not helped by brevity.

The important thing to know is that a young man named TT is killed and Darryl (Wilson Bell) is somehow connected to it. Darryl’s friend and TT’s cousin, Michael (Oris Erhuero), has a hard time forgiving Darryl for this and other mistakes. There’s a lot of history here and not nearly enough time to go into it, though, which is a shame because this well-acted short film is fairly interesting, but feels like a tease.

I get the impression that the filmmakers would have made this longer, but had to deal with budget constraints. If that’s the case, someone should watch this film and give these people some cash so they can do this story properly. As it stands now, it’s incomplete, and that’s no way to leave a story that is this capacity.

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