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By Doug Brunell | June 28, 2003

The premise for this low budget horror film is pretty simple: A college art class (unlike any college art class I’ve ever seen) is given various pieces of a mannequin to decorate, and that mannequin later comes to life and kills the classmates. It doesn’t sound like the most terrifying concept ever, but the film does have a certain charm.
The characters are all clichés we’ve been subjected to before. There is the wise guy, the nice girl, the girl in the abusive relationship, the party guy and the professor who hits on his students. The plot, for the most part, is pretty standard stuff, too, with all the trappings that make horror movies far too predictable. There are a few creepy moments, most notably a scene where Maren Lindow is killed in an abandoned truck in an empty parking lot, but they aren’t enough to distract viewers from the standard plot devices and holes.
“Jigsaw” isn’t going to convert non-horror audiences, and it isn’t going to cause genre fans to drop their jaws in surprise, but it will provide a bit of entertainment on a lonely Wednesday night after the drugs have been ingested and the hookers have gone home. If that’s all a movie can offer these days, then it’s got my approval.

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