By Chris Gore | June 16, 2000

Some of the characters in “Jesus’ Son” might describe it as a “roller coaster ride” but that would only be because they’re taking really hard drugs! “Jesus’ Son” features actor Billy Crudup as a drugged out loser and we never really find out what his name is, but all his friends just call him “F**k Head” or FH for short. Based on the best-selling book by acclaimed author Denis Johnson, Jesus’ Son is a tale of a young man’s adventures in the world of drugs and petty crime. His life takes a fateful turn when he meets a sexy chick who is also heavily into drugs. Samantha Morton, who was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as a mute woman in Sweet and Lowdown, plays an alluring drug addict named Michelle. The two share wild times getting high, fighting, getting high, making love, getting high, trying to hold onto jobs, oh, and uh, getting high. But deep down, the two are really meant for each other.
The film contains some bizarre cameos from actors like Denis Leary as a drugged out nutcase, Dennis Hopper as a man who was shot in the face by his wife and Holly Hunter as a gimp. As with all drug movies, the heroin and the pills take their toll on Crudup’s character who must recover or die. You gotta love those cool hallucinations like talking cotton balls and tattoos that come to life. Director Alison Maclean has delivered a thoughtful, hilarious and touching look at drug recovery. Ultimately, this is the story of a survivor and Billy Crudup is amazing.

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  1. Johntechwriter, a Oakland, CA says:

    To put a slightly finer point on it, this is a story about redemption. Not the religious kind, but the spiritual kind. And as with real-world redemption, it shows up in the most unlikely places and happens to the most unlikely people. And when it happens it is a joy to behold.

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