By Admin | October 17, 2010

“Let him in! It’s the Son of God, for Christ’s sake!”

“Jesus Comes to Town” centers around an underground poker game in a seedy part of town. As the game is underway, a late arriving player informs the group that Jesus has come back, and instead of preaching the gospel or curing leprosy, he’s doing the rounds at all the poker tables and cleaning up. As the players contemplate the rumor, there’s a stranger at the door and, surprise, it’s Jesus, looking like he stepped right out of a painting of the Last Supper. Of course, this Jesus isn’t here to break bread, he’s here to kick their a*s at poker.

“Jesus Comes to Town” is black-and-white, neo-noir glory. From the composition to the shadows to the crisp overall look to the blacks, the cinematography is gorgeous. The script is tight, the dialogue witty and, coupled with an overly charismatic and captivating performance by Alex Veadov as Jesus, this short film is a delight to behold.

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  1. Great review! The films seems like a comic, Bergmanesque noir. I wish I could see the film but it looks like the theatrical release is only until December 1. Is there any chance it will be extended? Have you talked to the filmmaker? If this is an example of his work, I wonder what he’ll do next!

  2. Mark Bell says:

    The full 13 minute version, or are you looking for a feature film (which I don’t think exists, actually)? More info here might help you out:

  3. I want to see the movie! Where can I find the full version?

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