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By Phil Hall | January 20, 2001

The less said about “Jesus and Hutch,” the better. This is an unfunny single joke comedy involving the idiotic concept of Jesus Christ as a 70’s-style urban TV cop. Filmed and narrated in the style of a hyperactive B-production movie trailer, the film is completely lacking anything that would inspire a genuine laugh. If your idea of humor is watching Jesus race about with a drawn gun, jump over cars and inspire miscreants to turn the other cheek with a left hook to the jaw, then this is for you. Even Pat Robertson could come up with funnier Jesus jokes than this!
The only truly interesting aspect of this dumb little film is the unlikely presence of Eric Stoltz as Jesus. Whether his performance here is a favor to a friend or the lure of a nice paycheck, it is truly embarrassing to witness this genuinely talented actor wasting his energies in this effort. Father, forgive him…for he knows exactly what he is doing!

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