By Admin | March 10, 2012

I maintain that it would be hilarious to have a short film made up entirely of naked middle sections, where male and female breasts are made to look like eyes, with the belly button for a mouth (I’ve even taken my own shot at it with my VYou waiting video). Perhaps this exists somewhere, and I just haven’t seen it. I tell you this because I want to establish that seeing human body parts in different ways is not something new to me. That said, I’ve never pictured a woman’s crotch as a face, with a vagina for a mouth.

Luckily for us all, Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer have made up for my lack of creativity in relation to the female form with J@cuzzi B0ys, “Gl@zin,” a music video of labia lip-synching vaginas rocking out. It is at times fascinating and disturbing, looks like something you’d find on a VHS hidden in someone’s closet and I needed to watch it multiple times. The first time, I got caught up in just staring at the vaginas, and trying to figure out how the wires that made the lips move were attached. The second time, I actually took in the whole picture, no pun intended, to see exactly what these different vagina-centric creations were.

That said, this will not be for everyone, and some things seen cannot be unseen. If you’re the type of person who could be scarred by the image of a vagina painted up like Homer Simpson singing a rock song, you might want to skip this one. Then again, if you’re one of those people who is reluctant to do some cunnilingus, this might help you out; just imagine you’re making out with the aforementioned Homer Simpson. Okay, maybe not the best example…

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