Have you always wanted to do stunts or are you interested in other areas of film production as well?
Stunts were a natural progression for me. After my first lead role in “Poetic Seduction,” I knew I was in over my head, so I started training in acting and martial arts. I thought if I could combine these two things, it would be awesome. I love stunts and small character roles with a stunt. Being the lead does not interest me, but I’ll stunt double her and play a bit part.

I graduated University of South Carolina with a BA in Media Arts, so I like working behind the scenes in production as well. Also, I have written a horror action script that I’d like to see made into a film.

Do you have a strict training schedule?
In the spring when I train at the Kahana Stunt Ranch, it is very strict with boot camp like training – pushups, crunches, running, obstacle course, and stunts themselves. When I am not there, I take martial arts classes, hand weights, stretching, and any outdoor activity when possible – running, hiking, horseback riding, etc. I wish the weather were warmer in NYC year round. I don’t like training in a gym; I prefer the outdoors.

Has your martial arts training helped you achieve your goals?
It focuses and grounds me, which I need because I am a ball of energy. That, along with the Tao Te Ching, has helped with facing any fear I have. If I am scared of something, then I have to do it.

You’ve appeared in many genre films. Is this something you prefer?
Yes, I love horror, sci-fi, and action movies, so it is great to work in those genres.

Are you a fangirl?
Totally! My dad got me hooked on horror and sci-fi films and shows. I love a disturbing genre flick…not just gratuitous nudity or violence, but something that really messes with your head.

How was it working with the great Lloyd Kaufman on Toxic Avenger IV?
Lloyd wasn’t there the day I shot for Toxie IV, but I had worked with Lloyd on several promos, TV interviews, and appearances. Lloyd carefully orchestrates chaos when he directs. He also enjoys your input. I came up with a bit for the Sgt. Kabukiman promo for the DVD release. I showed him a magic trick. He said, “Do it for the promo.”

So I hear you do a fire eating show…
Yes, I most recently did a show on Halloween at the Knitting Factory in NYC for the CMJ Music Fest. I love working with fire. It is so beautiful, yet dangerous. I am looking to expand my fire show for 2003.

Tell me about your gig modeling as Lara Croft.
I met artist Joe Jusko at a comic convention in NYC. He asked me if I’d like to model for a cover of Tomb Raider. I agreed. I had no idea that the artwork would be so popular. That image has not only been used for Tomb Raider #6, but on many promo items as well. Since then, I have modeled for several other paintings as Lara Croft for Jusko.

What is your proudest achievement?
Finishing my first session at the Kahana Stunt Ranch. I overcame so many fears and grew through the intense experience.

What is in the future for Jasi Cotton Lanier?
I am signed on to shoot two horror flicks with Toe Tag Pictures. These young guys are about the most talented horror filmmakers I have ever seen – truly sick, disturbing, psychological horror. Also, I have upcoming work with Tim Ritter and Robert Massetti. I am looking to do some bigger stunts in 2003 like a car flip with an explosion or another fire gag. What can I say? This is what I love.
Visit Jasi at her website.

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