By Chris Gore | September 26, 2000

The hilarious Star Wars spoof “Jar Jar Binks: The E! True Hollywood Story” is now available for download and it’s a must see. If you download one film this week, make it this one! And pass the link along to your pals. It’s time for everyone who ever felt pain at seeing Jar Jar in Star Wars to begin the healing process. This movie could very well bring all Star Wars fans together in a moment of peace and harmony. Oh, crap, just watch this damn movie, it’ll only take eleven minutes. [ Download this incredible parody now at IFilm.com at ] JAR JAR BINKS: THE E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY.
Read more in the FILM THREAT REVIEW of the film and check out our exclusive interview with the filmmakers in BEHIND “JAR JAR BINKS: THE E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY” FILMMAKERS.

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