All the guys are at a party at the Queer Lounge so I’m here all alone going through their stuff. I have a shuttle to SLC at 5 freeking) a.m. so there will be no queers and no lounging for me. I have to say, I saw alot of CRAP this year and it kind of sucks. You’ll be able to see what I’m talking about when my reviews show up. Then again, I saw A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS, HALF NELSON, OLD JOY and QUINACENERA and they made the trip all worthwhile.

I’ll tell you guys what, if you ever see Mark or Eric in the “real world,” thank them for busting a*s on the site. I think we have the BEST Sundance coverage out there..and the most fun…and that’s all because Eric and Mark have been living on coors light, jelly bellies and 4-5 hours of sleep keeping this ship afloat. Myself, Michael, Pete and Sally worked hard to cover every film here and I know we’re damn close to it.

I’ll admit…I’m beat down, exhausted and tired of chafing from the dry air, but this was a great festival. I saw over 20 films (!) and Liz Phair touched my arm. I hope next year we can all get some time to party FILM THREAT style because we were just workin’ too hard for that this year. But thanks for reading us. I’m off to rifle through Eric’s bag…

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Don. Chances are that when you get up for the airport, I’ll be unconscious, but you did a Hell of a job and I missed you at the Queer Lounge. You’re my hero (as is Pete, Little Mike, and E-Train) and I’ll see you at SXSW!

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