Your friends at Sick and Twisted know that it’s a lot more fun to actually think about stuff than to mindlessly accept every bit of crap thrown your way. With that spirit in mind, as well as a little event known as the Presidential Election, they present their Second Annual Coup de Grace Shockart/Feminist/Horror Film Festival, which will blow up for one night only on [ November 3rd, 2000 ] at [ 8:00 and 10:30 PM ] at the [ Theatre Theater at 6245 Hollywood Boulevard ] in, of course, sordid Hollywood itself.
Yes, it’s FREE, but you should run over to the [ Polymorph Productions/Sick and Twisted site ] to check in on the fiesty line-up, which includes “Peter’s Penis Tricks,” “Junky,” and the perennial family fave “Sister Mary Blow Job”. The site also houses lots of anti-election interactive fun, and information on how to reserve your FREE space.

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