By Rory L. Aronsky | July 12, 2003

Parody isn’t the right word for “Intergalactic Idol”. In all honesty, I don’t believe that “American Idol” can be parodied because it’s enough of a joke on its own. However, it can be entertaining if changed to reflect something else, such as “Star Wars”, which is the case for “Intergalactic Idol”.
Let’s see here, then. We’ve got:
· Luke Skywalker (Darren P. Leis) as host ^ · Lando Calrissian (Sam Narvell), Princess Leia (Karen Chesterton), and Darth Vader (Matthew Tait) as judges ^ · Greedo (Mitchell Roche), Boba Fett (Paul Molnar), and Han Solo (Jonathan Angel) as contestants
First, it’s a relief not to have a judge say “Dawg” and “I was feelin’ it” every five f*****g seconds…RANDY!! S**t, if I commented on movies like he does with those lounge acts, I’d be kicked out of Film Threat faster than Carrot Top making another movie. In that fartknocker’s place, we’ve got Lando somewhat-too-overly enthusiastic about the acts and he even takes a swig from a bottle sitting next to him, which looks like malt liquor from the likes of it. Leia may be kissing a*s here just like Paula Abdul, but at least Karen Chesterton makes it look like Leia’s not blatantly doing it. Vader’s a nasty sumbitch, but I think future Idol contestants (depending on if Simon sticks around for another installment and ones after that, and also if the show survives…please God…GET IT OUTTA HERE!!) should be relieved that he’s not the judge on the regular show. Vader tells Solo that he should have killed him instead of had him frozen and at one point. Vader can’t take listening to a Jawa singing and he runs off-screen where we can hear the fervent slicing of a lightsaber, effectively creating Jawa Chops.
Thankfully, the songs are actually original and not classics horribly mangled by new voices. And while the interaction between the characters in this situation is amusing, it doesn’t cut it for the rest of the short, which should breed more comedic opportunities, but doesn’t.

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