“AI: Artificial Intelligence” will be Spielberg’s big entry into the summer movie run of 2001. The film, which stars Jude Law, Haley Joel Osment, and Frances O’Connor, is said to deal with Earth in a post-global warming crisis. While the cities of the world swim in water, a new form of self-aware computer is born.
The anticipation for “AI” is already at peak levels, and the “Artificial Intelligence” spoke of the fan-run Spielberg-Dreamworks SKG Fansite has become one of the best sources for the latest news on the film. Need the scoop on the supposed auction of an “AI” vehicle? Want to know a bit about the official cast? You’ve found the right place.
The highlight of this “AI” fansite, though, is the amazing fan-created art. Check out several unique visions of the (film) future, and see a few screen stills from the official teaser trailer, at the [ the “AI” Fansite. ]

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