While everybody and their monkey appears to be getting into the digital streaming game, music and film site Insound is making sure that their one-year-old site stays true to the underground. Insound recently relaunched their “Cinema,” with a full array of content and product for indie film fans, films from underground filmmakers such as Nick Zedd and Jeff Krulik, editorial content from underground film zines, a film festival resource area and regular news and features from the world of indie film.

And just in case you didn’t grasp that they were for underground film, Insound has serve as a self-distribution site for New York Underground Film Festival (NYUFF) filmmakers and offer streaming of all films in the festival. A featured sponsor of the festival, Insound is also hosting the live music component of the festival, featuring such acts as Rainer Maria, Antarctica and The Letter (featuring members of June of 44 and Rex).

Ed Halter, Director of the New York Underground Film Festival, serves as curator of the Insound Cinema site and is using many of the connections with NYUFF to make Insound the best in underground around.

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