By Admin | June 20, 2000

Two inane girls obsessed with guys and nothing else sounds insipid enough… After prepping themselves and exchanging dull sex jokes, these two co-eds venture to a coffee shop where they proceed to annoy two people they term ‘the film crowd,’ then drive two guys insane with boring conversation. Eventually one of the girl’s vacant dialogue literally kills a guy that had asked her if she could read only moments before. There’re a couple humorous moments, including one of our enlightened characters banging his head against a countertop as he is forced to speak with the other half of the dim duo, but Insipidly So is basically just a pretentious school-boy taunting of, “I’m smarter than you.” The film fails because it’s not intelligent at all. It is neither engaging nor provocative enough to be worthy of any pompous pretensions. How can you set out to attack cliches and boring people, then choose a clean, hip student coffee bar as the location where your ‘informed’ characters flock to make tiresome coffee quips alongside everyone else? Insipidly so, indeed. If you’re going to be pretentious, then do it, and back it up! (Note to self: If you’re going to be pretentious, then do it and back it up.)

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