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By Chris Parcellin | May 30, 2001

Historians and other serious academic-types refer to the mid-1970s as “The Golden Age of Smut.” It was a time when chicks had more hair down-the-pants than Fidel Castro had on his face — and screwing on-camera was still a big deal.
Filthy auteurs ran amuck capturing the Free Love generation as they slammed-away for posterity. It was an era that produced real stars like Linda Lovelace, Marilyn Chambers and Harry Reems. Perhaps the “biggest” star of all was John Holmes–who later beat a man to death with his giant c**k and died himself shortly thereafter.
While all of this weird fun was going down in the States, people were making off-the-wall f**k flicks in Europe, too. Over in Germany, a bunch of h***y little buggers got together in 1975 and made a movie called “Ein Echter Hausfrauenfreund”. Since most Americans don’t know what the hell than means, it’s been re-released as “Inn of 1,000 Sins”. The German dialog has been overdubbed with English and the retro kink is all ready to be viewed by a new crowd of perverts.
The film is about a chap named Albert (Peter Hamm), who works in an inn that seems to attract a lot of young females who depend on our star to plant his seed and just generally supply a lot of humpin’ and pumpin’. So, the ladies tend to get naked about five seconds after arriving onscreen and have thirty-second encounters with Albert. Hopefully, this dude was wearing a wig, or else he’s got one wacky looking head of hair. It looks like an overgrown Beatle wig.
And, as it turns out, this is strictly softcore stuff. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but obviously whoever wrote this thought that Benny Hill was Shakespeare and the humor is just plain awful. As you may have gathered, you aren’t going to see a lot of quality sex here either.
“Inn of 1,000 Sins” is light on thrills and heavy on yawns. The VHS version includes a bonus featurette made recently by the Seduction Cinema crew called “The Vibrating Maid”, starring Misty Mundæ and Lily Tiger. In it, Misty Mundæ plays a girl who discovers her father’s maid playing with herself in a closet. Intrigued, she asks the serving wench to show her the fine art of friggin’ herself. And the two gals sit around playing with themselves for about twenty minutes. And though Misty Mundæ is as cute as ever, this was about as thrilling as the main feature, and really doesn’t deserve a recommendation.

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